About Dexter


Dexter is built on a standardized REST API for universal integration.

Under 100ms

Dexter is built with speed in mind and one of our main focuses

Daily updates

Dexter is updated daily with new features and bug fixes.

Netherlands most advanced customs brokerage software

Dexter is our built in-house customs software, born from years of expertise and collaboration among customs brokers. Engineered for speed, ease, and automation, it empowers brokers with efficiency and accuracy in managing customs processes.

More than software, Dexter embodies innovation, constantly integrating new tech and adapting to regulations, ensuring it remains at the forefront of customs solutions.

Dexter is the first broker software in the Netherlands to bring all functionalities of customs through one API.

Dexter is free to use for clients of Lean Customs and also available as a standalone customs broker software package at RTTR Software.

Built by customs brokers, for customs brokers.

Dexter vs. The Competition

The Competition

Same software package

Bloated software


Slow updates



Single application

Built in-house

Versatile API

Built for speed

Purpose built